Current projects in Germany

Current projects in Germany

Transparent communication with all parties during all project phases is particularly important for the success of a project. After all, impressive achievements can only be realised if all partners can be relied upon. As part of the PNE Group, we not only have the vision of a 100 per cent climate-neutral energy supply, but also the economic robustness, strategic strength and technical expertise. We have the power to make the vision of a “clean energy supply worldwide” a reality.  Find out more about our projects in development.

Successful Projects


Wind farm Bebensee

The plan is to build five turbines in the municipalities of Mözen and Bebensee in Schleswig-Holstein.


Wind farm Gnutz 1b

The planned wind farm with four turbines is located south-west of the village of Gnutz in Schleswig-Holstein.


Wind farm Heidmoor

The plan is to erect six turbines south-east of the village of Heidmoor in Schleswig-Holstein.

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