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Learning at WKN with a perspective for the future


We are shaping the future and for us this also includes innovative young people who support us as part of our team in many areas of our company. WKN has established itself nationally and internationally in the field of renewable energies. This exciting industry offers new challenges every day, also for trainees.

We offer the following types of training:

Administrative assistant for office management

IT specialist for system integration

Would you prefer to study? No problem.

WKN also offers a dual study program in cooperation with the Nordakademie in Elmshorn in the fields of Business Administration and Industrial Engineering.

Industrial Engineering (B.Sc.)

Business Administration (B.Sc.)


Are you a student or pupil who would like to get a taste of our everyday work? Are you interested in an internship in the field of wind energy or would you like to write your thesis with us?

An internship at WKN offers you the opportunity to get to know our project business. You will be involved in the work processes of our employees and will take on your own tasks in one of our departments after extensive training.

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WKN Mitarbeiterin Jelva Quint

"I completed a dual study programme at WKN in cooperation with the Nordakademie and thus had the opportunity of combining theory and practice and gain insights into all departments and projects during my training. This was the optimum solution, especially for career entry. I particularly appreciate the sympathetic atmosphere and high regard among colleagues as well as the numerous social benefits – this ensures a good work climate."

Jelva (Asset Manager)

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WKN Mitarbeiter Vadim Doroschenko

"During my training I’m always up to date with the latest technology due to WKN’s modern IT-Infrastructure. I have the opportunity to get to know very different departments here. In addition, there is a collegial working atmosphere, which is why I like to come to work."

Vadim (IT trainee)

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WKN Mitarbeiterin Inula Gregersen

"Already during my training at the WKN, I got to know many different areas and tasks. The WKN constantly offers me new challenges, friendly an open-minded colleagues and many employee benefits. All these factors make the WKN an optimal employer for me. "

Inula (Communications & Marketing)

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WKN Mitarbeiterin Wencke Clausen

"I started my training at WKN in 2008 and have been with the company ever since. I have been offered various further training options and a change of departments within the company. I particularly like the flexible working hours and the friendly atmosphere among my colleagues."

Wencke (Construction management)

Practice Day

On our Practice Day, pupils slip into the role of a project developer and learn about the entire process of a wind farm project by planning their own fictitious wind farm. From the acquisition of land to the construction of the turbines and maintenance, they work in teams through our various departments and thus have the opportunity to gain their first insights into the renewable energies sector and the PNE group as a regional employer.

Contact Persons
WKN Personalleitung Franziska Körner
Franziska Körner
Head of HR Management
+49 4841 8944-100
Stefanie Iwersen, WKN Mitarbeiterin Team Human Resources
Stefanie Iwersen
Contact for internships
+49 4841 8944-582
Michel Petersen, WKN MItarbeiter Team Human Resources
Michel Petersen
Contact for recruiting
+49 4841 8944-277
WKN Team Human Resoruces - Katharina Stadermann
Katharina Stadermann
Contact for recruiting
+49 4841 8944-254
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