Focus on renewable energies – WKN wind farms

WKN GmbH has been planning, developing, financing and building high-calibre wind energy projects since 1990. As one of the pioneers of the German wind energy scene, the company from Husum has been a leading developer for decades as well as having a presence in many international markets.

Their services include site evaluation, development, planning, financing, turnkey construction, operation, and commercial and technical management of wind farms. In the future WKN will be adding more services to the existing product portfolio to position itself even more strongly in the markets, focussing in particular on financial services, wind planning services, construction, operational management, repowering and energy supply.

WKN consistently focuses on long-term strategies and cooperation with local partners. Wind farms planned by WKN feature in the portfolios of well-known national and international corporations, institutional investors and utilities, and WKN then continues to successfully operate them.

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