WKN Windpark Langstedt in Schleswig-Holstein

Wind farm Langstedt

Concept implementation of WKN WERTEWIND

  • MW realised: 12.6 MW
  • Turbines erected: 3 WTG
  • Start of operation: February 2021

With the "Langstedt" wind farm, the Wertewind concept was fully realised for the first time.The project consists of three wind turbines of the 4-megawatt class. From project development, financing, construction and operational management, all services have been provided within the PNE Group.

One of the turbines was built for the landowner family, the other two remain in the region with the project developer WKN WERTEWIND GmbH. As a regional company, WKN WERTEWIND works with all stakeholders in an area to develop the best concept for the local people involved and their community. In addition, citizen participation is planned in the form of a risk-free citizen savings bond. In addition, a citizen participation in the form of a risk-free citizen savings bond was realized in cooperation with VR Bank Nord eG. Investors were able to secure an attractive interest rate of 3.75 per cent annually over a term of ten years - regardless of the economic development of the wind farm.


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