Largest project of WKN to date

  • MW realised: 132 MW
  • Turbines erected: 39 WEC
  • Start of construction: July 2019
  • High-voltage transmission line: approx. 70 km

In November 2018, WKN was awarded contracts for two projects in tenders in Poland. One of these is the Jasna wind farm, which is located at a windy location in the north of Poland. After completion, this will be one of Poland's largest onshore wind farms. With a total nominal capacity of 132 MW, the Jasna wind farm is WKN's largest project to date. 

On the one hand, the particular structural challenges are the size of the wind farm, i.e. 39 turbines with a north-south extension of approx. 17 km. On the other hand, particularly demanding is the connection route to the transformer station, which is approx. 70 km long and crosses two rivers, the Vistula and the Nogat. As part of the high-voltage transmission line, about 250 boreholes (microtunneling) must be created, the longest of which, at almost 1.5 km, crosses under the Vistula River.

The project was developed together with the Polish WKN subsidiary Sevivon. In addition, companies of the PNE Group are involved in the construction phase and will provide technical services to the owner after the commissioning of the wind farm. WKN was also responsible for the sale of the wind farm; it was sold to the Munich municipal utilities "ready for construction".


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Thanks to the good preparatory work by the experienced project developers of the PNE Group, we will receive an onshore wind farm ready for construction, which we will now build together. Equipped with powerful and reliable wind power turbines, the constant coastal winds can be used to generate green electricity at this location.

Helge-Uve Braun, Technical Director of the Munich municipal utilities

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