At home worldwide: Wind power from WKN


In addition to the headquarters in Husum, the WKN is now represented with branches and joint ventures in various countries in Europe and South Africa. After its founding in 1990, the WKN continuously expanded into foreign markets.

Today about 150 employees at nine locations, in six countries and two continents work together on the realization of worldwide wind projects. In total, has been realised a capacity of more than 1,900 MW in seven countries. Despite different languages, cultures and countries of origin, all WKN employees share the same vision: a 100% renewable energy supply. We shape the future and promote the energy revolution.

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I’ve been working for Sevivon in Gdansk for eight years. I’m particularly pleased that after a few difficult years in energy policy, we were able to put the Barwice wind farm into operation. The WKN’s further plans make me optimistic for the future and I am pleased to be able to actively support the implementation. An important component of our success is that we as Sevivon and WKN treat the local guarantors with as much appreciation as elsewhere.

Holger (Project Coordinator at Sevivon)

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“As a vocation, I started to work for the wind energy in 2004, at the early age of the wind development in France. Today, after 9 years working for WKN France, I can say I’m very glad to do my best for the construction of wind farms within a strong and human-size company.“

Benoît (Great West Grid & Construction at WKN France)

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"I have been working for WKN for 17 years; for 12 years in the area of Sales/Due Diligence. The experienced, long-standing employees of WKN and PNE ensure reliability in the processes. Often, the transaction teams are a colourful mixture of people from various cultural backgrounds. Above all, it is this goal-oriented and close cooperation beyond national borders that I enjoy."

Corinna (Sales)

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In Sweden we have great activists working for a climate change, one single person can’t do everything but everybody can do something. I feel great comfort in working at the WKN group within renewables doing whatever I can to improve our climate situation of the world. That is something I bring further to my children, and I am proud of it.

Ann-Sofi (Project Development at VKS)

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"Being a project manager is a lot about working as a team, taking up challenges and establishing contacts with a lot of different people. What I like the most about WKN is the capacity of the company to encourage training and knowledge sharing between employees, which is a very effective way to improve the quality of our daily work."

Julien (Wind projects manager at WKN France)

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