Discover what moves us The WKN Guideline

In a continually growing enterprise there is always a corporate identity that implicitly unites the team and determines how to deal with business partners – i.e. the cornerstone of all business activities. And this is all the more significant when it comes to harmonising different cultures in an internationally active company. 

An interdepartmental team has a common understanding of WKN’s driving force, knows what WKN stands for and, above all, discusses and elaborates the values of its activities. The result is an overall concept that offers orientation to the staff and customers as well as transparency to business partners concerning WKN’s business culture. 

The mission statement and guideline of WKN merely mark the beginning of an ongoing process. And, nevertheless, it determines the immediate and long-term course of the company. 


Our Guideline

For about twenty-five years WKN has been developing wind and solar projects and successfully turning them into reality.

WKN projects fulfil the highest demands in terms of quality and cost-effectiveness and thus they have made us a leading and significant market player.


Our Mission

Our mission is to implement wind and solar energy projects worldwide. The key to our success is the WKN model for project development that starts with the initial project idea and follows right on through to repowering. It unites economic and ecological aspects.

With great enthusiasm our staff work together as a team to develop the WKN projects. Thus we meet our own challenging requirements as well as the expectations of our customers and business partners.

The completion of our quality projects is our contribution to the success of our company and the conservation of the environment  – 100 % renewable and decentralised energy supply. Every single member of our staff serves an ambassador in their daily work in pursuit of the WKN mission and jointly contributes to the sustainable success of the company with their creative ideas. 


Our Vision

We know that it is possible to supply electrical power entirely through renewable resources.

We work to ensure that ecologically and sustainably generated electricity will flow from every socket, and thus we assume the responsibility for a safer energy supply in harmony with man and the environment. 


Our Values

We are convinced of our mission and act out of idealism and with enthusiasm.

Openness, honesty and integrity reflect the essence of WKN.

We apply our expertise with perseverance and determination. Not only does the result count but also the way to reach it. Hence we ensure our success for today and for tomorrow as well.

In a dynamic world we tackle challenges and develop sustainable solutions for the future.

We are aware of our responsibility and respect the needs of our partners and employees, the company and the environment.

We have confidence in our employees and motivate them by allowing them far-reaching freedom of action. We value our staff as the representatives of our company.

We are reliable partners who stand by our word.